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This business communications stocktake and planner will lick your promotional planning in to shape fast! Archangel’s expert approach and special methodology will help move your business up a step.

Organisations are sometimes distracted from core business building work by day to day pressures. They can, all too easily, let their promotional planning and evaluation slip. Instead of having business winning processes running like clockwork their promotional efforts often turn out to be a disappointing chore.

The Audit changes all that. It makes promotional planning easy by focussing on results and delivery. It takes the weight off your shoulders and shows you how to develop and use simple, doable processes that generate business. It helps you attract new, more and better business as well as dealing with, and neutralising, your competitors. And, most importantly, it gives you maximum results for a minimum effort.

The Audit follows Archangel’s special and proven methodology that gives you the straightforward, targeted and workable plans you need to get results.

How does it work? Archangel will:

How long will it take?

If you call us today to book the Audit we’ll have the process underway within a week.

Your Audit:

Customers find the Audit an extremely fast and great value way to revitalise an existing business or kick start a new enterprise in to top gear. They like Archangel because we get results, we’re easy to work with and we give good value.

What do customers typically say about the Audit?

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